Introduction to Learning Gardens Program



The Earth Is Our Teacher

‘ We believe that the natural world — the marvelous interwoven communities of plants, animals and other creatures formed through the agencies of Fire, Water, Air and Earth —   is truly our first Teacher, our first Classroom and Curriculum. We believe that academic, social and moral lessons appropriate to every age may be drawn from observing, experiencing, and working with the Earth and the natural world.  

– Adele Seronde – Founder, Gardens for Humanity

Learning Gardens

We have renamed our “School Gardens” program “Learning Gardens.” This is more realistic of the role gardens play in developing knowledge and appreciation of our relationship to the natural world. Some of our youth learning gardens are not in schools, but rather in libraries, and other organizations that serve in youth development.

Gardens for Humanity assists with learning gardens throughout our community from site evaluation, to building the garden team, to developing the garden, to helping with activities and learning resources that engage children in in learning in all subject areas. With our awareness of state, national, and STEAM standards across the curriculum, children are enriched academically as well as gaining valuable skills in environmental education and the arts.

If your school, library or organiztion would like to start a garden, garden club, or garden themed activity, contact our Learning Gardens Coordinator, Sarah Grover.

Visit some of the School Gardens school gardens we have worked with

Our school gardens program receives generous support from:
Resources for Teachers

Starting a School Garden – Step-by-Step (pdf)

Arizona Gardens for Learning – creating and sustaining your garden (pdf)

Learning in the Garden (pptx)

Planning Your Dream Garden (m4v – view with movie player full screen)

Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Growing, Eating, Living – A Garden Guide for Head Start (pdf)

Waldorf inspired Garden Curriculum K-3

Flagstaff Food Link Elementary School Garden Curricula aligned to AZ academic standards

Junior Master Gardener

Creating and Growing Edible Schoolyards – A How to Manual for School Professionals (pdf)

Outdoor Classroom User’s Guide (pdf)

Secondary Education and Young Adults

Flagstaff Food Link Secondary School Garden Curricula aligned to AZ academic standards

Composting in the Classroom -Scientific Inquiry for High School Students (pdf)

Model program for young adults: Youth Agriculture Project

Resources for Garden and Sustainability Education

An Integrated K-8 Guide for Discovering Science, Ecology, and Whole-Systems Thinking

Garden & Sustainability Curriculum Schema (pdf)

Higher Education – Career Pathways in Sustainable Education

Sustainability Education

Resilient Schools

Going Green at School

Other Valuable Resources

National Gardening Association-Kids’ Gardening

Edible Schoolyard Project

Dig In! – Western Growers Foundation

National Gardening Association-Adopt a School Garden

Boston Schoolyard Initiative-Design, curriculum materials, professional development

Center for Ecoliteracy

The Arizona Association for Environmental Education

AZ Master Gardeners Vegetable Planting Guide

Kids Gardening Educator Resources

Children and Nature – Tools and Resources

Youth and Garden Education – what works


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