Sedona Red Rock High School

Greening Seeds Teen and Community Program at Red Rock High

The Garden at Red Rock High School serves as a learning garden for training teens in the art and science of gardening, sustainability, good nutrition, job skills and community service.


2011 New Garden takes shape


Laying down wood chips for paths

Our goal is to develop a school teen internship program teaching sustainable gardening and employment skills, providing opportunities for paid jobs helping residents with their gardens, and developing their leadership roles within their community. Teachers Geoffrey Worssam, and Sarah Reynolds supervise this school club.

Getting the garden in shape is a big job, but the rewards is to harvest fresh tomatoes, bunches of basil, greens for salad, squash, and tomatillos for roasted green salsa. It is fun to have an impromptu snack right off the vine, and to plant starts for fall and winter. Berries, apples and grapes greet the students when school starts back up in August.

The Greening Seeds gardeners are gearing up for expanded community service and mentoring of elementary school gardens. One goal is to develop some products to help sustain the garden and learn about “green business.”

Greening Seeds seeks to develop young Green Ambassadors through the acquisition of practical skills, leadership abilities, and paid apprenticeship opportunities. The students in this program will develop and participate in community projects born from local public interest. They already donate a portion of the vegetables produced to the Sedona Food Bank.

2015 is off to a great start! (Click on thumbnails to see full size.)
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