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New Community Garden Volunteer Days

Join us in Creating a New Community Garden!

Upcoming Workshops

How to raise worms to process organic waste, create compost, and build garden soil.

Meet Halfway

We would love for you and your family to participate in this get-together!
Local food enthusiasts, poets, bards, and storytellers are encouraged to join us!

Panel Discussion – Healing with Nature

Join us and share the stories of exceptional transformation through cultivation a closeness to Nature. These will uplift, give hope and increase connection with our heritage and the natural world.

Poetry and Music – Nature, Spirit, Art

On January 10th at 5 pm the Healing Interconnections: Nature, Spirit, Art exhibition offers an evening of poetry and music. Inspired by the theme – exploring and celebrating the interrelationship between nature, art, spirit and health with images, words and music -16 poets will read their original words at the Sedona Hub. Musicians Jo B. & Walton (Jo Berger and Walton Mendelson) will provide live music throughout the evening.

The Monsoon Garden

Gardens for Humanity president, Richard Sidy, checks harvest two months after planting okra and squash seeds at the onset of monsoon rains. After nursing young plants through the hot dry [read more]

Full Moon Concert at Peace Garden with William Eaton

Musician and instrument maker William Eaton will perform ‘music under the full moon’ on Thursday, August 18th at 7:30 pm at the Peace Garden, Sedona Creative Life Center. The concert will be the third and final of three full moon concerts Eaton is presenting this summer in collaboration with Gardens for Humanity.

The Life of a Seed – Movement and Dance

Third grade students learn about the life of a seed – planting, germination growth, producing blossoms, leaves, flowers, fruit; and dispersing their seed before they die, only to live again.

Verde Valley & Beaver Creek Seed Libraries

The seed library, called the “Verde Valley Seed Library” will open its doors at the Cottonwood Public Library on February 2, for Spring planting, serving communities in the Verde Valley.

Camp Bear Wallow – Art Camp for Kids

Camp Bear Wallow flyer

CAMP BEAR WALLOW, “The Art Camp For Kids!”, will open its doors for the summer with fun art projects like balloon art, sculpted eye balls, insect paintings, bird houses, walking sticks origami, Lego sculptures, bubble art, fiber clay sculptures, paint brush making and more!

Fruit Tree Pruning with Geoffrey Worssam

Join us for an educational demonstration on best practices for fruit tree pruning, as well as an opportunity to tour an inspired community Peace Garden.

Building Great Soil

Healthy soil is the basis of great gardening, leading to delicious veggies and better health for everyone. Learn how to build great soil and quit treating it like dirt!