Past Workshops

September Workshops

 “What to Plant in the Fall Garden” – Saturday, September 13
Building Biodynamic Compost

Building Biodynamic Compost

The talk was divided into What plants to plant, Strategies for protecting and nurturing fall-winter crops, and Container gardening. A lively Q/A session gave gardeners a chance to ask a range of questions such as pest control, soil building, and water harvesting in the garden.

Hands-on Biodynamic Composting – Sunday, September 14

Participants learned about biodynamic gardening with a focus on the foundation – building soil. Our host, Joshua Capy introduced the principles and science of the method, and after a pot-luck lunch including fresh veggies right from the garden, participants built a large compost pile, layer by layer.

October Workshops

Fall Garden Teaching Tour – Saturday, October 11

Tour participants were treated to a fun, interesting, diverse and informative garden tour that demonstrated how local gardeners are using different methods to grow their own food. They showed models of what may be called present day “Victory Gardens.”


Gardening in our area is a real challenge. It is encouraging to meet and learn from other gardeners about their challenges and successes. Greening Harmony gardeners presented the Fall Garden Teaching Tour from 1:00-4:00 visiting Sedona gardens that have become food and flower oases using a variety of gardening strategies.

We will have more teaching garden tours throughout the coming year.
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 Saving Seeds – Preserving the Biodiversity of our Food Heritage – Saturday October 18

Saving seeds in one’s garden is an inexpensive way to perpetuate beloved vegetables and flowers and adapt them to your particular garden environment. Join us to learn about how to save your favorite seeds and about seeds saved by the Hopi since the time of their ancestors. Native seeds and self-saved seeds are particularly well adapted to the harsh growing conditions of Arizona


Part I – Seed saving basics – Richard Sidy, Gardens for Humanity

Why save seeds?
What types of seeds can the home gardener save?
How to save seeds — Easiest seeds to hardest;
When plants “naturalize” – the wild garden.

Part II – Preserving Native Seeds –
Kayo Parsons-Korn, Friends of the Well

Goals of the traditional use garden at Montezuma Well;
The heritage of indigenous agriculture the Verde Valley;
Saving Native Seeds once grown in the Verde Valley

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