Home Gardening Activity Kits

With the cancellation of schools in March 2020, due to the Covid Pandemic, our after school clubs, Exploring Ecosystems through Gardens and Art, in five schools were also put on hold.

We realized that with school closures, and the focus on “learning” via computer, many children were missing healthy time outside, and the social/emotional support many experience with teachers and classmates.

Thus, we created “Home Garden Activity Kits” that we have so far distributed more than 250 kits to families, schools, youth groups, and public libraries. These kits provide an activity guide and materials with fun, hands-on learning at home, related to gardening and the environment. They get the kids outdoors, and stimulate their imagination and creativity. Kids explore all subjects through art and gardening activities.

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The activity kit has some 25 fun activities to get kids investigating Nature through all the senses, mind, and imagination, using science, art, journaling, and creative activities. Kit includes a magnifying glass, crayons, journal, seeds, and step-by-step instructions for each activity. They can explore from the viewpoint of an ant, or create their own design for a dream garden. They can experience their favorite snack foods while learning botany, and rank them from yuck to yum!


This project is funded by individual donations and by a grant from:

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