CAMP BEAR WALLOW – The Art Camp For Kids



CAMP BEAR WALLOW, “The Art Camp For Kids!”, will open its doors for the summer with fun art projects like balloon art, sculpted eye balls, insect paintings, bird houses, walking sticks origami, Lego sculptures, bubble art, fiber clay sculptures, paint brush making and more! The camp is at the Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Rd., in the art cabin, M-F from 9:30-12:30pm, and is accepting ages 6-11. The weeks are: June 15th, June 22, July 5th, and July 12th.

Gardens for Humanity is a proud sponsor of this camp as it fulfills our goals to foster appreciation of nature and environmental stewardship through art.

Art Inspired by Nature
Recycle sculpture

Sculpture from recycled boxes

Tree Collage - seeds, bark, leaves

Tree Collage – seeds, bark, leaves


Pastel Landscape


The mission of this camp is  to inspire and encourage  children  to explore, create and  invent  using artist’s tools and the artist’s eye in the hopes of developing a joyful well rounded  creative young adult.

The goals of the camp are to develop self  tools (self esteem, confidence, problem solving), art & education tools ( promoting the Arizona  Education Standards), engagement tools ( developing playfulness, persistence, experimentation, curiosity). This program is designed to give access  to the arts to all children of different economic situations.

At the end of the four weeks, the camp will present a demonstration exhibition tea party where each child will create and explain their favorite art process (ie: brush making). This will be a public event with parents invited and refreshments. The camp can accept 12 children each week, and they may sign up for one week or all 4 weeks.

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