CAMP BEAR WALLOW – The Art Camp For Kids



CAMP BEAR WALLOW, “The Art Camp For Kids!” will open its doors in July at West Sedona School with fun art projects like balloon art, sculpted eye balls, insect paintings, bird houses, walking sticks origami, Lego sculptures, bubble art, fiber clay sculptures, paint brush making and more!


Now in its 23rd year, Camp Bear Wallow is a Sedona summer Art Camp for Elementary school kids ages 6-11. The mission of this camp is to inspire and encourage children to explore, create and invent, using artist’s tools and the artist’s eye in the hopes of developing a joyful well-rounded creative young adult.

The goals of the camp are to develop “self-tools” (self-esteem, confidence, problem solving), art & education tools (supporting Arizona Education Standards), and engagement tools (developing playfulness, persistence, experimentation, curiosity). Loving Kindness and gratitude form the philosophy promoted in the daily art experiences.

The camp the Camp teaches puppet shows, sculpting, insect paintings, flower planting, bird houses, balloon sculpting, hand painting, walking sticks origami, Lego sculptures, bubble art, clay sculptures, brain teasing games, paint brush making, rubric cubes,  and much more!

This Camp will open this summer at West Sedona School for the week of July 5th to the 9th from 9:30am-12:30pm; and possibly the 2nd week in July. The camp accepts 12 children.

View a gallery of photos from past camps here >> 


Started in 1998 by the City of Sedona, Nancy Robb Dunst was the director at West Sedona School. The Camp grew and moved to the Sedona Art Center for one year, in the Theater, then was invited to the Sedona Creative Life Center. At that time the Camp became an LLC and self-supportive. In partnership with Gardens for Humanity, Camp Bear Wallow was able to raise funds through community grants, tuition, and donations.

The Camp was originally developed to serve all Sedona children, no matter their economic status, and so the tuition was always kept low, between $20-$70 a week, depending on a family’s income. That tuition rate has never changed in 10 years. Some scholarships are also available.

If you are interested in signing up for the Camp, contact Nancy Robb Dunst, camp director.


Nancy Robb Dunst

Nancy is also looking for a new owner to operate the camp.

If you are interested in purchasing the Camp and all that it has to offer, Contact Nancy at the above email address for details.


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