End of year message

Dear Members and Friends,

Today my students wrote letters of gratitude to Edwin, our garden volunteer. One student expressed that the garden has changed his life and the life of other students. I cried.

Taryn Quenzer —Third Grade teacher, Cottonwood Elementary

When we hear such stories from teachers and students engaged in school gardens, they affirm the transformative impact of our programs. Our mission to engage the community in art, gardens and education is bearing beautiful fruits.

Those of you who have donated to our projects this year have helped make possible all that we have accomplished in 2015. We are pleased to send you the update on the following page, which highlights projects in which Gardens for Humanity has been involved.

Sometimes I say that our programs are growing gardeners! This means that we are helping people shift from being simply consumers to being nurturers.

With this awareness, people become “Gardeners of the Spirit” — a term used by our founder Adele Seronde to describe the act of creating communities of peace and beauty where people celebrate their humanity.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to take part in our activities through your financial support of our programs that nurture people and community through art and gardens.

Thank you for helping us sustain our programs,




Richard Sidy, President