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Celebrating the Art in Earth

Annual Spring Planting Festival

School Gardens

Community Gardens

Sedona Winds Accessible Garden

Sedona Winds Accessible Garden

Greening Harmony

Greening Harmony


The projects of our first ten years were the twenty-eight gardens that we built, catalyzed, and/or funded in four states in urban and rural places of need; in schools and health-care facilities, on reservations.

More recent projects have involved partnerships with the Sedona Public Schools and the Institute of Eco-Tourism to initiate a Hopi-Sedona exchange student program in sharing reciprocal cultures through arts and gardening.

Another focus was to publicize their stories and to support grassroots leaders of vision on our web site. We call them “Gardeners of the Spirit.”

These programs support the mission of Gardens for Humanity, which “awakens and tends the gardens of the human spirit by teaching and celebrating our connection to nature, local agriculture, art and community while promoting an ecologically sustainable and more humane culture.”

Gardens for Humanity was founded by Adele Seronde, and is presently being directed by president Richard Sidy who can be contacted at  You may also contact Nancy Robb Dunst, Arts Education Coordinator at for more information.