The Life of a Seed – Movement and Dance

Third grade students learn about the life of a seed – planting, germination growth, producing blossoms, leaves, flowers, fruit; and dispersing their seed before they die, only to live again. Martha Edwards, movement and dance teacher leads children through the life cycle while exploring their own “seed” – body awareness, feelings, expression – telling a story through choreography.

In “The Life of a Seed” students work in groups to portray the life cycle through creative movement and teamwork. They overcome shyness, sometimes overcome painful life experiences, and always have fun. From being silly in “Doing the Hokey Pokey” children move and become comfortable to create a dance with their classmates that expresses the cycle of the life of plants. Through dance children connect emotionally to the joy and struggle of each seed in nature.

Students also critique the performances of their classmates, after each performance, learning to observe, empathize, evaluate and express themselves with new words and aesthetic intelligence.

For many students such an experience in movement and dance is refreshing and empowering.


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