Community Education Program

Verde Thumbs Garden Club

Verde Thumbs Garden Club

Teaching and sharing sustainable techniques for growing vegetables, fruit and flowers. The Verde Thumbs Garden Club works to develop a community of fellow gardeners who have the knowledge to grow, harvest and preserve their own food using age old information and the latest, factual, organic and sustainable methods. Seeing these gardeners share their knowledge with [read more]

Community Education

The aim of our community education classes, events and volunteer opportunities is to come together as an extended “neighborhood” with expert teachers in our community to gain new knowledge and skills. Participants will acquire the knowledge and tools to live healthier and more sustainable lives and meet teachers and like-minded people in our community. Our [read more]

Making a Garden

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events of their lives.” ~ Adele Seronde How do we go about making a garden? Gardens come in many shapes and forms depending on site and climate, which determine what kind of earth there is for planting and how much water [read more]