Celebrating the Art in Earth

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Watch the video “The Color Wheel and the Colors We Eat”
- A class given by one of our Artists, Sharron Porter.
Watch the video “The Life of a Tree”
- A class given by one of our Artists, Nancy Robb Dunst.
Watch the video “Sun Catchers”
- A class given by one of our Artists, Maleita Wise.

Gardens for Humanity elementary school program, “Celebrating the Art in Earth,” enables five artist/teacher teams in five different schools in Sedona and the Verde Valley to provide a multi-media art experience that explores the beauty of nature from different perspectives.

“Celebrating the Art in Earth” educational program  presents different 4-½ hour art projects in five area schools in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grades.  The artists involved in this program are:  Martha Edwards teaching “how a seed grows” using dance; Maleita Wise instructing students about the biology of flowers through painting, Firuse Stalcup investigating seeds using clay as a medium; Nancy Robb Dunst examining all the different parts of trees by creating organic tree collages, and Amy Gordon demonstrating good nutrition using vegetables and the color wheel with the idea of “eating all your colors.”

This will be the second year for this program, which has been very successfully accepted in the schools. “We spontaneously planted an apple tree.  It was a treasured addition to the program!” stated Linda Crawford, 3rd grade teacher, West Sedona School. “Please don’t rush us, I want to know how to make better flowers!” requests a 3rd grade student, Camp Verde School. “My favorite part was that we got to do a little play on how seeds grow,” wrote a 3rd grade student at Sedona Charter School.

With pre and post testing, there was a 90% increase in knowledge-based learning using the arts to teach Environmental Education.  The schools involved this year are West Sedona School (Linda Crawford), Sedona Charter School (Andrea Maddy), Big Park Elementary School (Diane Walter), Desert Star Community School (Marc Bruehl) and Camp Verde Elementary School (Brian Lewy).

Sponsors of this program are the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the National Endowment on the Arts, the Arizona State Legislature, The Yavapai County Community Foundation, the City of Sedona, the Sedona Arts Festival, and the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition.

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